Thursday, October 28, 2010

Travel Tribulations

My Mom and Granny Jill have come this week to visit us in France. However I think that the posts of their visit should begin in Canada, and can best be told by the emails I received and sent Friday night….

So Friday night sitting in our living room in France I receive the following email from my Mom sent from my Dad's blackberry on the 400 highway in Canada:

Some problems at this end; G. Jill left her passport at home so I am going on without her. I don't think I'll be too late to catch the plane with this delay of driving her back to Orillia, but I doubt she will make it. I will contact you if I have any further upsets. G. Jill is devastated, very upsetting for us all.

My response: I just got your email, any news? (this isn’t happening)
Skiff at the airport:
I think it looks like he and I felt the same way

Mom: G. Jill is waiting at Timmie's in Orillia for G. Tom. He has her passport and she is going to try and catch the plane. I am getting close to the city so I hope I'll be ok for time.

Me: Alright keep me posted… (okay it’s happening, starting to freak out a little)

Some emails discussing alternatives in case she did miss the plane

Dad: Moms checked-in and has made arrangements for G. Jill’s bags. They should be here in 40 minutes. We took the 407 highway and shaved at least a 1/2 hour. Keep your fingers crossed :)

Dad: Granny is in the line to check her bags. Whew!


But it doesn’t end there, As my Granny Jill and Mom go through customs together and head towards the boarding gate they discuss their car rental insurance to come to the realization that my Mom forgot her driver’s license! Luckily Granny Jill is well versed in manoeuvring French highways in a standard vehicle! They made it to Arras Saturday without any further hindrance, how happy and relieved we all felt when they finally arrived and walked in our front door!

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