Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Generations, Two Counties, One Week!

Now to begin the real posts for my Mother and Grandmother’s, vacation in France. It was a wonderful arrival Saturday, close to noon for lunch and after unpacking and a quick nap, we all headed out to take a little walking tour of the town. We wandered up to the Petite Place, to have a tea and café before visiting a few shops. We had Galettes for dinner when we got home and called it a night; after all the excitement we were all pretty tired.

Our rental car!

The next day we took the car out to see the Vimy Memorial, we walked around the monument taking photos and then piled back in our tiny car to go see L’abbaye du mont Saint-Éloi. The ruins of this abbey are very impressive, only the cathedral and parts of the original wall that would have surrounded the complex remain.

Front of the Monument
Mother Canada - Vimy Memorial

Mont Saint Eloi

Arras Cathedral
When we got back to Arras we went to see the town’s large Cathedral. It is immense with large faintly coloured stained glass windows.

For dinner we went to the Assiette au Boeuf where we all had a plate of beef and a large helping of fries. Dessert is included for the month of October so we all heavily indulged ourselves!

Monday we went to Amiens to see the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe, and the head of Saint John the Baptist. On the drive back Granny Jill saw a sign for a Menhir, so immediately we pulled a U-ie to find it. It was very cool to wind around the old tractor roads and discover a pre-historic upright standing stone alone in the middle of a farmer’s field.


We returned to Arras with enough time to shop before calling it a day. We had an early start the next morning; Tuesday we went to Brugges....

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