Friday, May 21, 2010


So just an aside, the purpose of this "blog" is to be somewhat like a letter to friends and family complete with pictures and all the little details that can be hard to relate and share with people over the course of a year.

And now to begin: we arrived in to Paris the morning of May 6th, which is now two weeks ago! The flight was very good, Andre and I had a lovely flight dinner complete with miniature bottles of wine. When we arrived Andre's co-worker, Arlene, picked us up at the airport and drove us straight to our Hotel "Les Trois Luppars." We stayed there until monday. Over the course of our first few days we had a wonderful dinner at Melissa's house (Andre's co-worker), saw a few sights around town including an initial tour of the Vimy Ridge Memorial, set up a European bank account, and got the keys to our apartment!

We moved in monday May 10th and Andre started work! The first week at the apartment was a little muddled with the usual problems of moving, ie: the gas was shut off and when it was turned on the heater didn't work... so Andre and I had to take turns boiling water for our baths! But that was all fixed by monday. We've also been to IKEA and now have the apartment almost entirely set up!

That first week we were also given a tour of the Vimy Memorial Crypt, which is the interior base of the monument. It was very interesting; the entire monument is an incredibly beautiful and very majestic war memorial. We were also given a tour of the underground tunnels and restored trenches at the site.

Well that's about it, this past week has gone by very fast. The apartment is really starting to feel like home, and my days are spent running errands and frequenting cafes to use the internet! I don't think I will attempt any French for this post, but for all those reading when I do write in French feel free to correct my errors! :o)


  1. the apt. looks nice! I especially WANT the peacock hanging above the bed!

  2. Thanks Christi, I look forward to following your blog. Can't wait to hear all about "Ma Vie En Francais"

  3. Hi Christi and Andre,

    Looks like fun, it will be fun following along this year of experiences with you!

    Love Aunt Kelly

  4. WOW! Fantastic!!
    what a lucky,talented and beautiful woman this Christi Lyttle is!