Friday, May 28, 2010

Around Arras/Autour de Arras

English :

I wanted to include a few more photos from our first week in Arras. As I mentioned we went to the Cathedral and the Boves. The Boves is a system of underground chalk mining tunnels, which were used in the middle ages. They are located beneath the main square Place d’Heros. They are very cool but the exhibition on right now is a bit odd, it’s in honour of Jules Verne the author of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. A local artist made museum-like panels and has tried to convey the novel in the tunnels of the Boves. We also went up the Beffroi, the view was very beautiful. I have also included some photos from around town, and one of Andre’s closet full of his Parks Canadiana gear!

French (not a direct translation) :

Je veux inclure quelques photos de notre première semaine à Arras. Nous sommes allés au cathédral et aussi a les Boves. J’ai pas pris des photos dedans la cathédral, mais j’ai quelque de la façade. Quand nous sommes allés a les Boves nous montons le Beffroi. La vue a été superbe ! Aussi, André et moi avons pris des photos autour de la ville.

Voilà, notre photos !

Which are in the opposite order of what I just wrote :o)

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