Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Joyeux noël!!!

This Christmas we spent in Arras with Andre’s parents. Bob and Louise arrived just in time to see the Arras Christmas market on December 24th. We walked around the market one last time and bought extra provisions for our Christmas Eve dinner of foie gras, several different cheeses, saucisson, and champagne!

The next morning we opened our presents right away! This is against Lyttle tradition, BUT don’t panic Daddo, we did uphold the good ol’ Lyttle values with a traditional eggs Benedict breakfast.

Most of the day was spent on skype and lounging around the apartment. After a delicious roast duck dinner, made in our oven with has it’s own motorized spit, we went for a late night’s walk to see the Christmas lights. 

After our walk we returned to home to the traditional French dessert, the Christmas log, or Buche de noël.


The next day we went to Paris to see the Christmas market before flying to Italy!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Les Marchés de Noël

The Christmas market in Arras started November 25th and goes until December 24th. We went several times, for the Christmas spirit, and of course the vin chaud and churros!


We also went to the Christmas Market in Paris this year. We went to Paris for the day and took the opportunity to also go to the Père Lachaise cemetery. 

Back at home we got in the Christmas spirit decorating the house!

With a little help from our guest....