Sunday, January 8, 2012

Buon Anno!

After a wonderful Christmas in Arras we flew into Rome to spend a few days on the Amalfi coast. We stayed in a lovely house rental over looking the Mediterranean in the small coastal town of Massa Lubrense. 
                                                                            The view from our roof deck   

Upon arriving on our day we settled in and took a short hike down to the waterfront recommended by the two Luigis. 

The sun was setting as we wound our way back up the twisting streets

The next day we went to see the unearthed ancient city of Pompeii.

And finally on the third we braved the winding seaside roads to see the Amalfi coast. Andre drove us along the winding roads stopping to take pictures whenever there was a curb large enough, and stopping for a beer here and some pasta there in Amalfi and Ravello.

Click play to watch the video above

Our last day was spent visiting Sorrento sampling the lemoncello and of course my favorite chocolatas so thick you need to eat them with a spoon...

Our only grey day, Sorrento 

The next day we left the coast for Rome where we spent the last two days of our holiday walking around the old city and celebrating the New Year! 

It was a wonderful Christmas vacation. Our last days together were spent back in Arras. Bob and Louise left for Canada soon after, but not before we enjoyed the French tradition of La galette des rois!

The traditional galette is either a marzipan our apple pastry baked with a small figurine la fève inside. The youngest must go under the table and tell the person cutting the pastry who will eat each slice. The person who finds la fève is the king! 

Vous me manquez beaucoup!!