Friday, October 22, 2010

Action de grâce en France

My Brother Fishing Thanksgiving, Arden 2010
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s a long weekend always spent with family and most preferably at a cottage where we either have to use a bbq or a wood smoker to cook the Turkey. It was our first holiday away from home. Since Thanksgiving is not actually celebrated in France, it being a New World thing and all, we Canadians banded together to have a wonderful Action de grâce. We had two dinners, one with Andre's co-workers who are from the east coast and one with the guides.  Andre and I spent the Saturday making a pumpkin pie from scratch.

To see a hilarious Youtube video about making pumpkin pie from scratch click here

We bought the pumpkin in the market Saturday morning. The vender was quite surprised we wanted the entire thing, since pumpkins are usually sold by the slice here in France. Sunday's dinner with Andre's co-workers was a traditional Jigg's dinner, which was fantastic! Tuesday night we had Thanksgiving with the guides. They cooked an entire Turkey; which is only available by special request at this time of year;  "Ce n'est pas possible." We had such wonderful Thanksgivings; a good Turkey dinner really can bring a little bit of Canada to France.....

And so can a blackberry ;-) 

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