Friday, October 8, 2010

On y va à Geneve! Day One

Lac Leman
The second week of my Gramma’s visit we decided to go to Geneva. My Gramma’s good friend of many years lives in a small town just outside of the city. After some humming and hawing we decided on leaving the Monday for a four day visit. Our trip started out with a little bump that I suppose must be included; I had remembered our train time to be nearly thirty minutes later then its actual time. I only discovered the correct time while strolling to the station Monday morning. We had planned to have a nice walk to the station and perhaps grab a café and a croissant. Luckily we had intended to do so or we wouldn’t have made it at all; we had quite the run to the station and made our train with less then a minute to spare as the door closed behind us!

Swans at the Water
With that behind us though we made our way to Geneva by train where my Grandmother’s friend met us in the station just a little after noon. Together we took the local transit to her little town outside Geneva for a wonderful lunch. After we had refreshed ourselves, we went for a drive around the countryside stopping in Nyon to walk along the waterfront, grab some gelato, and make our way up through the city streets to a look out at the  Château de Nyon.

Back in the car, we continued our tour around the little villages climbing the slopes on the northwest side of Lac Leman for a spectacular view of Mont Blanc.

We returned to my Gramma’s friend's home to finish our day with a wonderful dinner of Raclette

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  1. Hello Christie:

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time in France. Robert send your blog address to me so that I could peek and see what you're up to. You only go through life once, so have fun while you can.
    Paul Greenall