Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Trip to Nice – Day Two

Monte Carlo Casino

The next day we went to Monaco. We were advised to take the train from the little station near our hotel but that turned out to be a disaster. After waiting at the deserted Saint-Roch train station we opted to take the bus. The bus ride along the coast was phenomenal. Monaco was very interesting, the Monte Carlo Casino was cool to see and so were the flashy cars but it kind of felt like a zoo where tourists get to go and see all the rich people in their natural habitat. We stayed for an hour or so and then got on the first bus we saw, the next stop off for the day was Eze.

Eze from the Botanical Garden

Eze is a beautiful medieval village within the cliffs of the French Riviera. The old city is on a peak that offers a panoramic of the sea and rolling mountainous cliff side sloping into the Mediterranean. We weren’t able to stay long, because the last bus down the mountain was only an hour or so after we had arrived. We saw as much as we could, hiking to the top to see the botanical gardens and visiting some of the artisan shops. The architecture is amazing.

It is such a beautiful spot I wish we could’ve spent more time. The bus back to Nice was packed, we were lucky to get on; many people were left waiting at the stops along the route.

Botanical Gardens

That night we went out for Sushi. It was fantastic! We finished our night with a swim and relaxing on the beach before making the trek back to our hotel.

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