Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Trip to the Beach

Now to catch up to the present day all that is left is our trip to the beach. This past weekend Andre’s schedule changed to weekends off. Saturday we stayed in Arras; sleeping in and going to the market. On Sunday we went to Le Touquet Paris Plage. Located on the Northern shores along the English Channel, Le Touquet began as a refuge for deserters in the Napoleonic era and from there developed into a resort town for high society vacationers from both England and France. After the Second World War though much of the town was destroyed, and is still trying to recover its lost position in the top echelon of resort towns.

It is still a nice little spot. It seemed almost a mixture of Wasaga Beach and Miami, though a little more Wasaga then Miami of course. We took the train up and arrived in time to have a picnic lunch on the beach. It was packed with people. After a nice lunch, walking up and down the beach a ways, and a quick dip we headed into the town. It was a lot bigger then I had imagined, with picturesque narrow streets making it feel very pedestrian friendly. We stopped at a Café Leffe for a pint and a spot in the shade before getting some sorbet and heading back to catch our train home.


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