Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Trip to Nice – Day Three

Our Hotel

Our third day was our last day in Nice. After a lovely breakfast in the sunroom of our hotel we headed down back to the old city centre. We dropped our bags off in the lockers at the train station and headed out for some shopping and the beach. We had a wonderful swim before looking around for some lunch. Andre and I split a Nicoise Chevre Salad and Assiette. The assiette is basically a plate of appetizers. It was very good, but I think the Socca by Chez Theresa in the Cours Saleya is much better. Socca is a fried chickpea flatbread/galette, and is served warm with lots of pepper and salt.

When we went back to the beach it was completely over crowded! Since it was Saturday and extremely hot I think everyone was spending the day at the beach. We stayed for our last dip in the Mediterranean before ending our day in Nice with one last walk through the old streets and deux petits cafés.

Cafés in Place Masséna

We took the night train home. It was my first sleeper train and it wasn’t half bad. We had little sleeping bags, a pillow, and a pack of some little necessities like earplugs and a water bottle. There were six bunks in our cabin, and each one was full by the last stop of the night before morning. We arrived in Paris with just enough time to catch our transfer home. It was a wonderful little summer vacation!

sleeper train

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  1. That looks like a comfy sleeper bed. When we were immigrating we had to take a sleeper from Odessa to Kiev. That was less comfortable. Soviet comfort leaves so much to be desired...