Friday, July 9, 2010

Main Square Festival

Who can resist Canadians and their Birkenstocks?

This past weekend was the Main Square Festival in Arras. Main Square is a pretty big concert venue, especially for the size of Arras, and it attracts some pretty big bands. The concert is usually held in the main square of the city, but this year the square is experiencing some pretty intensive cobble stone street restoration, so the concert was moved to the Citadel. Andre’s good friend from home, who now lives in Europe, came to visit us and attend the concert with his girlfriend and two friends. They arrived Friday night after the football match. We all had tickets for Saturday, so the next morning after touring Arras, and a delicious lunch at Le Carpe Diem we headed to the concert.

It was a bit rainy in the morning

I think the Citadel made a fantastic venue

We got there just in time to catch Phoenix. Their two most popular songs are Lisztomania and 1901. There were two stages, but it was so packed we all opted to stay in the area of the main stage.

who's the mystery man in the middle?

After phoenix was –M-, a French musician, who is…. interesting. His full name is Mattieu Chedid, -M- is supposed to be a superhero alter ego to help the artist over come his shyness. Which might explain why there was someone dancing around in a superman costume shortly followed by “-M-“ returning to the stage sans his extreme getup.

unimpressed by -M-

Following -M- came Ben Harper, who was phenomenal. Pearl Jam was the last to play and ended off the night with many of their old classics. The whole concert and weekend was a lot of fun, especially with our first house guests!

And now it is almost another weekend. Most of my week was spent trying to keep out of the heat. For Andre’s days off we plan to take it easy and maybe check out the soldes!

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