Monday, August 23, 2010

Fête de famille à Arras

We returned Sunday from Paris to a beautiful lunch Anne had ready for us when we got back. We spent the afternoon in the apartment relaxing and getting over our “Paris hangover.” The Lamirande family was set to arrive in Arras the next afternoon, so Monday morning we started preparing for their arrival, and also I'm proud to note; I made my first galettes for lunch!

It was Aunt Grace’s birthday on Sunday, so we celebrated that night when they arrived with birthday cake, and a few bottles of wine. Tuesday we did a huge shop, everyone found a little something to take home from the many little boutique stores of Arras.

Left & Above: Shopping in the Market
Above Right: Bon Matin, votre petit-déjeuner est prêt!

Wednesday we went to the local market in the morning to get our vegetables, cheeses, and meats for the week. And also so the Lamirande family could take a picnic for their afternoon trip to Vimy.

Patrick Hermand was also open after two weeks vacance! Delicious!

Since we had all already been to Vimy; Bob, Louise, Anne and I went to Amiens to see the Gothic Cathedral and search for the piece of John the Baptist. Amiens is absolutely beautiful, the cathedral was awe inspiring, and the city is very quaint with beautiful canals and bridges along the Somme river.

Poppies along the Somme River

We all returned that night to a dinner of Anne’s homemade chicken soup and market sausages. After dinner we all sat in the living room with Memère and Pepère hooked up on skype!

Thursday the Lamirande family left for Brussells and the Netherlands. Anne and Louise went to Lille for a day of shopping in the big city. Bob and I stayed back at the apartment running errands, doing laundry, preparing dinner, and re-ulpolstering our new chair.

Friday we went to Le Touquet for the afternoon. Andre and I went to Le Touquet back in the spring by train. For this trip we took the rental car and made it there in just over an hour.

Itwas a beautiful day for the beach. The tide was out so there were lots of people bringing nets to catch some marine creatures for supper. We walked all along the beach and up to the Nemo Brasserie for a pint on the beach.

Saturday we went to the market in the morning and then had a nice café au lait on the terrace of the Place des Heros followed by more shopping! For dinner we took Louise out for her Birthday dinner, since earlier Andre had been away in Normandy for her Birthday dinner.

And finally this past Sunday we went to the Marche aux Puces. A grand flea market to celebrate the summer holidays. It was pretty cool, and I did find a nice painter's eisel, but it can hardly compare to the Great Glebe Garage Sale. That night we went out for a drink in the Place des Heros while the flea market closed up. Now the Lamirande family has made their way back to Arras……

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