Monday, August 2, 2010

une fête d'adieu pour Scott

WARNING! This post is NOT for vegetarians!

This past Friday was Scott’s going away party. Scott is (or
was) Andre’s co-worker and has returned now to Canada for a new job at Ottawa University. The party was held
at House at Beaumont Hamel. All the employees of both Vimy and Beaumont-Hamel were invited. The party was a sheep roast supplied by the Vimy Shepherd (I’m not kidding) It wasn’t one of the Vimy sheep we were assured. I’m not being sentimental, he assured us that the meal we had was grain fed and hadn’t been living off the unexploded battlefields of Vimy Ridge.

It was a delicious meal and a wonderful farewell for Scott.
As a good-bye present Scott was given a photo of the monument framed with a piece that had been removed during the restoration work.

One of their co-workers also did a hilarious skit in which Scott was given freshly sheen sheep’s wool as a going away present from the flock.

Left: Andre's co-worker delivering the gift

The night wrapped up with the guides getting some memento shots of the caribou monument lit up at night. They will also be leaving towards the end of August, so lots of group photos were taken. All signs that the summer is almost over!

I forgot my camera so these are courtesy of Scott's facebook. :o) thanks Scott, au revoir et Bon Voyage!

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