Saturday, March 5, 2011


Málaga was our sunny final destination to our back packing trip through Spain. We took a coach bus from Granada in order to see a bit more of the landscape that lies outside the city centre. Málaga is an airport city, which many Europeans use as an entrance to their sunny vacations in the south.  We found a hotel outside the city centre that could offer us a beach and a room with a water front view for our own sunny vacation. 
We spent a wonderful two days relaxing and sleeping in, while listening to the waves as the sun rose and set. We did a little afternoon trip into the Málaga city centre for a light lunch and some shopping before returning back to our hotel for our last night in Spain.

Below Left: Main Pedestrian Street in Málaga
Below Right: Roman ruins uncovered in the city during some renovations

The next day we flew out back to France, on the Spanish Christmas eve.  January 6th is the Feast of the Epiphany, celebrating the arrival of the Three Kings to Bethlehem. It is on this day that children receive their gifts, given from the Three Kings.  Children in Spain sit on the lap of a wise man in the shopping centres, and some houses even have little wise men hanging out their windows climbing faux ladders. It made for quite the Christmas holiday, having Christmas in Arras, taking down the tree Christmas day, only for the festivities to continue in our trip in Spain.

¡Me gusta España!

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