Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Orange Grove

It was a rainy day in Seville when we arrived. We walked from the train station to our hotel taking shelter under various arcaded terraces and trees from the down pours. After checking in and short reprise, we braved the elements and walked around the old city centre through orange groves and winding streets. 

That night we went to see the infamous flamenco dance. We found a recommendation in our trusty guidebook for a little bar that has free performances; La Carbonara. When we arrived we entered into a small room with a small fireplace and several patrons playing their own Spanish guitars. But we noticed many of the new arrivals were continuing past this small room, to another room, which we discovered was the “flamenco stage.” The rows of hockey arena like bench seats filled quickly. The performance was phenomenal. The dancer seemed to float across the stage.

As  you can see I love  Flamenco!

The next day was New Years Eve! We went to the Alcazar of Seville. The cathedral line up was gigantic so we too refuge from the rain in the Alcazar, a massive place and gardens; which we were very happy to stumble upon. The gardens were amazing and incredibly peaceful; due to the rain there was barely a soul in sight. 


Sharing the twelve grapes

To celebrate New Years Eve we joined the throngs of other tourists in the Plaza Nueva for the count down. Champagne and grapes were sold on every corner. It is the Spanish tradition to eat twelve grapes for every chime of the clock on the stroke of midnight.

We ended the night watching the fireworks along the Guadalquivir river. The next day we left Seville, to continue heading south!

A clock for the count down!

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