Tuesday, February 15, 2011


From Toledo we went to the city of Cordoba in the Andalucía region.

Cordoba is another city that I have wanted to visit for its architecture; that of the great mosque of Cordoba.

The Mosque of Cordoba is another inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Click here to read more about its designation.

We arrived in the morning by train and took the local city bus to the historic city centre. The mosque was absolutely beautiful; there are no words to describe it. I was expecting the immensity of the forest of columns in the interior, but the beauty and serenity of the courtyard filled with orange trees, that mirror those interior columns, caught me by surprise.

click the "play" button below to watch a video about the mosque produced by UNESCO

I do have to admit that we didn’t venture far from the mosque and our hotel located directly beside it. We were both more than a little worn out, and when we discovered the delicious Tortilla served at "Bar Santos," two doors down there was no reason to leave!
 Click here for a recipe and more about the delicious Spanish Tortilla, not to be confused with the cornflour tortilla wraps

It was a only a short stay, the next morning we walked back up to the train station sticking out like store thumbs with our immense backpacks walking through the residential streets.

Next stop, New Years in Seville!

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