Thursday, November 24, 2011


After our day trip to Bruges our next destination was Barcelona! Gen and Andrew arrived a day or two before us to make the most of their time. Arriving late at night Andre and I met them at the hotel where we were regaled with their previous day’s adventures snacking on their delicious finds from the Mercato.  Eager to explore the city we headed out the next morning stopping for breakfast at the aforementioned Mercato. Amongst the crowds, colours, noise and mounds of fresh food we found a little bar to sit and enjoy a delicious breakfast of croquetas de jamón, and my all time favorite Spanish coffee; the café bombón!

From the Mercato we walked down to the waterfront. Gen and Andrew were delighted to be presented with a favorite new city past time; aquarium visiting. Andre and I continued walking back into the winding old streets of the historic city. After discovering a bar serving the most delicious sangria we wobbled back to find Gen and Andrew.


We continued eating and drinking our way through Barcelona for the rest of the day and into the evening. We went from tapas in a restaurant to tapas on the terrace of our hotel back to tapas in a restaurant, and somewhere in between we saw Gaudi’s Casa Batlló.

Above left: Hammock on the hotel terrace
Above right: Gaudi's Casa Batlló

The next morning we decided we needed more Gaudi so we walked to the ever famous and forever under construction cathedral. Walking back we also passed by Gaudi’s other famous architectural achievement; La Pedrera.

After lunching again on some tapas we took an afternoon fiesta followed by cava on the hotel terrace before heading out for the ultimate evening of bar hopping in the old city center.

 It was a short visit, but we made the most of it! Our next destination was the Pyrenees…

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