Sunday, January 23, 2011


¡Feliz año nuevo! Meilleurs Voeux! Its now 2011! I haven’t made a post in so long, perhaps only because I’ve been a little daunted by the amount I will have to do to cover our first “backpacking” trip together in Europe. We started in Madrid, and over 10 days visited Toledo, Cordoba, Seville and Malaga. 

We flew out Boxing Day with all the other weary travelers who had been stranded at Charles de Gaulle. 

                           CBC News article 

Our flight was a little delayed but we made it to Madrid safe and sound late that night. After checking into our little room at Hostal Astoria, we went out in search of some tapas. 

Right: Painted Mural in Bodega Meliba, where we had a tapa of ham served from the leg mounted at the bar. 

The next day after a delicious breakfast at the Museo del Jamon where the ham legs hang by the hundreds we walked around the city centre checking out the “hot spots” including the Plaza Mayor and the Palacio Real. 

Below Left: Palacio Real
Below Right: Painted facade in the the Plaza Mayor

Below Left: Frost in the Gardens outside the Palacio Real 
Below Right: Avenue leading out of the Plaza Mayor

For lunch we went to the Mercado de San Miguel where different tapas and drinks are sold over the counter in a classy market style hall. 

Our lunch of pork rinds and sangria

That night we went out on the town, eating and drinking our way through Madrid. We stumbled upon two places were the tapas were free, but our third shot wasn’t as lucky, so we splurged on some calamari. 


We ended our night with a highly recommended chocolata con churro, which can be broken down as follows: the chocolata which is a rich dark hot chocolate so thick you'd have to eat it with a spoon and then there's the churros, deep fried deliciousness that you dunk into your chocolata. 

Bon Appétit!

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