Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saint Malo – the long awaited conclusion

I can’t believe its already nearing the end of September, and I am only now posting on the conclusion to our vacations in August! Its all rain and cloudy skies in the forecast for Arras so hopefully I can spend the next few days finally catching up.

And so to conclude with our Vacance en août:
The next day we went to Saint-Malo for a day trip. We all had breakfast together at the house before heading out in our rental cars. Saint-Malo is in the Bretagne region of France. I went to Saint-Malo in July to visit my friend Carly who was living there with her petit ami Clément. She was still living there at this time and we were able to meet up once more before she returned back to Canada.
We arrived in Saint-Malo around noon and parked our cars to walk into the old city surrounded by its ramparts. The walls or ramparts of the old city have walkways for pedestrians. With that in mind, and after finding some food, we all went about seeing the town via the ramparts and the winding streets within.

I hadn’t realized that Jacques Cartier was buried in the town, Louise and Ann discovered the burial tomb and pointed Andre, Bob and I in the direction of the church its located in.

We then all reconvened for a pint/coca/verre de vin before continuing out to the beaches and islands that can be walked to at low tide.
Many of the old forts on the islands that once protected the town are now open to the public as museums.

We returned to our little rental house for our last night of good food, wine, and a little spontaneous improv karaoke.
After returning to Arras the Lamirande family flew back to Canada. Bob, Louise and Anne were able to stay on for the Andouilette festival before catching their train to the airport.
We had a wonderful August of family and guests, thank you to everyone who came to visit us! À bientôt & Gros Bisous!

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